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New Comedy!                        CBS Monday!                     9:30PM ET/PT

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"What kind of idiot buys a movie ticket, then sits there and has a conversation? Here’s how it works: The actors talk, not the audience. That ’s why the seats face the screen instead of each other. And don’t yell advice at the characters. It’s a movie! They can’t hear you, but I, shut the hell up!"
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"Man Plans, God Laughs"
Monday, December 14
9:30PM ET/PT

Becker goes out on a limb and make plans to go to a Rangers game with a patient, and though he hates to admit it, this guy could possibly be a friend. He also gets himself into the predicament of helping an elderly patient plan her own funeral, despite the fact that she is in fine health.

John Becker: Ted Danson
Reggie: Terry Farrell
Margaret: Hattie Winston
Jake: Alex Desert
Linda: Shawnee Smith

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Season 1 - Episode 6 ] TV Gen - Man Plans, God Laughs - Becker, CBS ] Man Plans, God Laughs ] TV Quest Man Plans God Laughs ]

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